nGenLog Authors Visit G7VJR

A lot of logging software suffers from using old, tired architectures. Visual Basic is the main culprit. Applications written this way are often unstable and quirky, and more modern designs are to be preferred (in particular, .Net is really the best way to write a Windows application).nGenLog

One of the most innovative and well-designed logging programs for the PC is nGenLog (see It’s very recent arrival on the ham radio scene, and deserves a look! I particularly like the fact that it is integrated with Club Log’s cty.xml for DXCC intelligence.

The whole product has s a modern design which I think sets it apart from a lot of tired old products, but what also makes it special is the level of support and development from the creators (the nGenLog team). They provide personal help and are very interested to hear ideas and suggestions.

On 13 February 2009, Daniel and Lars visited England to visit AOR to do CAT control tests on Tentec radios. On their way back to the airport, they had a chance to visit me in Cambridge to complete the Elecraft K3 integration, too, and we were able to chat about some of the features which make DX’ers work easily (eg. QSL processing and band/mode slot chasing).

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  1. Rolf is right. This is a great disappointment but it’s time to move on!

    Try Log4OM.