G6UW – DK6EI/p QSO on 4th September 1978

My local club, Cambridge University Wireless Society, has recently updated its shack to a new structure (to replace an aging old shed which we lovingly referred to as Woop-Woop II). 

Woop-Woop II was originally constructed in the 1970s, and when we finally disassembled it I found a small log fragment from 1978 which has been sat on my desk since about 2010.

I’ve scanned this in to share – it’s a 2m QSO (probably SSB) at 19:55Z on 4th September 1978. Rolf was living in Wuppertal at the time. Does anyone know Rolf’s contact email address to share this with him?

3 thoughts on “G6UW – DK6EI/p QSO on 4th September 1978

  1. Dear Michael,
    googeling for “dk6ei” showed as first result Your entry. I’m very surprised to see my call on the log fragment.
    In the 19 seventies and early eighties I was very active on 2m and 70 cm from the location of our club station in Wuppertal. Since many years I am only QRV with a little handheld transceiver which most of the time is switches off. From time to time I use Echolink via the internet.

    Many thanks for the nice remember to my active times in ham radio.

    73 and all the best to You
    Rolf, DK6EI

  2. Hi Rolf,

    I’m very happy to hear that the log has finally been reunited with you! Thanks for posting here too. I have sent the log to your club in the mail, and I hope it will reach you soon.

    vy 73
    Michael G7VJR