Palstar HF-Auto

I few months ago I bought a Palstar HF Auto, which is a stepper motor driven ATU with high power handling. Although I don’t run a big amp, I do tune my Tokyo HyPower into some strange loads, and I was attracted by the precision of being able to give the solid state finals an exact 50 ohm load quickly and easily.

Since I got the tuner I’ve been on a lot more bands and had a lot of fun dxing, in situations where I was getting nowhere fast with a small 100W remote tuner. About 400W is very helpful. The HF Auto is a very nice product but I really wanted to highlight how good the service from Palstar is too. Paul N8PH monitors the product’s reflector and has also been helpful with me on the phone when I had a calibration question. Below, I’ve copied Paul’s latest announcement about being able to store tuning solutions manually, which was a feature I really wanted.

Basically, highly recommended and well worth the bargain price, too!

In rev 1.19 we have provided an alternate method for storing a frequency
which does not involve going to a selected or desired freq location twice
( Also in rev 1.19 we have provided 707 mem locations for MARS operation
throughout the spectrum from 2 Mhz to 28 Mhz )
* In AUTO mode apply  low level single tone power  tune the tuner to a selected or desired        freq….for eg  14.200 Mhz….when complete then
* Switch to MANUAL mode
Apply single tone power of 25 to 50 watts and use the tuning knob and
  alternatively adjust L and C to get the best swr that you like….then
With the single tone RF power still applied press the the RED to the RIGHT of the
  tuning knob and hold in for at least 2 – 3 seconds OR until the display shows the words      “settings changed”
* As soon as “settings changed” appears let go of the RED button AND remove the applied power
Switch back to AUTO mode and you are ready to go
Regards  Paul   N8PH
Palstar Inc
Palstar HF Auto

Palstar HF Auto

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