Club Log receives Al Slater G3FXB Memorial Award

The Al Slater G3FXB Memorial Award

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This award is in memory of Al Slater G3FXB who became a Silent Key on 11 November 1992, almost exactly 22 years ago today. Al was the back-bone of the Club for so many years, especially after the Old Man Bill Windle G8VG passed away. Al was President in 1970, served as Secretary 1981-87, then as Chairman until 1992 with a total of 22 years on Committee. He was a strong but always kindly leader.

The citation for Nominations for this award reads as follows:

“The award is presented once a year to an individual, group or society that has, in the judgement of the Committee, made an outstanding contribution to the hobby that reflects the attitudes and approach of Al Slater. This came from exemplary and considerate operating standards and a high level of encouragement, friendship and support given to other amateurs, especially newcomers. Al’s whole approach to amateur radio, indeed to many aspects of life itself, was something that others appreciate, look up to and seek to emulate.”

This year the FOC Committee received three excellent nominations but has unanimously decided to offer the award to the more worthy – and possibly the most valuable contribution to the world of HF operating since the inception of DXCC – without exaggeration. As an important innovation this service ranks alongside Logbook of the World and was offered to us without any financial gain to its creator. It has made a major impact on the lives of tens of thousands of HF operators and been an inspiration to thousands more Beginners. Now, looking back, it seems a simple concept but it was put into practice with immaculate precision so that it REALLY worked. It is also a fun tool, good for personal target-setting and for education: a powerful combination.

We refer of course to none other than Club Log, developed by FOC member Michael Wells, G7VJR along with his band of hard-working helpers. The inscription reads: “Awarded to G7VJR and Club Log team”. The award is presented on behalf of FOC but more importantly on behalf of the tens of thousands of grateful users of the Club Log system. Long may it continue.

FOC Dinner Photo Credit: Nigel G3TXF

Club Log G3FXB Award Photo Credit: Nigel G3TXF

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