Club Log Gateway for real time uploads

Real-time uploads have always been a thing, but they are now more popular than ever (perhaps in a small way due to the new Live Stream feature, which was released in September 2019 and gives everyone access to a new tool that builds on real-time data).

Multi-operator expedition teams and others operating multi-multi stations have always had a difficult job keeping their uploads absolutely consistent with the local networked log, and tools to get the QSOs to Club Log have tended to rely on ADIF uploads. The Club Log gateway is a tool developed by G7VJR to enable real-time uploads from three popular networked logging software tools, and is purpose-built for expeditions. It replaces other plugins that upload to Club Log with a more efficient and reliable solution.

This tool supports real-time uploads via slow connections such as satellite phones, using an extremely efficient and lightweight protocol that saves over 90% of the normal overheads of ADIF uploads. Using the gateway, you can easily push QSOs into Club Log within a few seconds. The supported logging tools are N1MM, Win-Test and DXLog.

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