MD4K and GD7VJR – Isle Of Man

I was active on 25/26 July 2009 at MD4K for the RSGB IOTA contest. We had a great time, with good openings on 10m and 15m. Thanks for the contacts! Hopefully we will have done well. As a guest op, this was the first time I’ve operated from MD4K and I found it was an excellent, highly tactical contest experience – and what a great team!

I was also active between 3-5 April 2009 as GD7VJR, operating from Bob MD0CCE’s excellent station near Ramsey, on the northern side of IoM. I was on CW only on all bands, although 12m and 10m would not open. In total I made approximately 2000 QSOs. I’m extremely grateful to Bob for the use of his station, and his hospitality during my stay.

Bob’s quiet and spacious QTH and meticulous attention to detail in the shack makes his station simply an outstanding example of how to do things well. Thanks Bob! 73 and thanks for the QSOs.

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