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Club Log will soon reach 100 million QSOs (and perhaps around 15,000 active callsigns).

This is quite a milestone! As part of keeping up with this, changes were made in December 2011 that involved updating the server to a new Hewlett Packard dedicated server, complete with a high performance disk array.

As with any community project in ham radio, none of the labour or the hours that go into Club Log are paid, but real money is needed to pay for electricity, hosting, equipment and (as I found in February 2012!) sometimes for emergency repairs.

There are some significant backers of Club Log who I feel should be recognised for making this possible:

  • In December 2011, the Yasme Foundation donated $2000 to Club Log. Wayne Mills, N7NG commented:

“Club Log is an online log, but it’s much more. It’s a new development in DXing sure to bring challenge and excitement to many DXers, young and old. As a centralized source of many DXing tools and resources, its use will grow significantly. We believe our support is well justified.”

73, Wayne, N7NG
Jackson Hole

  • Then, in January 2012 CDXC (The Chiltern DX Club) offered Club Log a donation of £500. This is in addition to a donation of £500 made in 2011.
  • Lastly, in February 2012, the Five Star DX Association (FSDXA) – of which I am a member having been to T32C with the team in October 2011 – donated £250 as a thank you for the dxpedition log hosting and OQRS services provided through Club Log.

As T32C was by far the biggest ever expedition hosted in Club Log, I was glad to be able to attend to the server from the Captain Cook Hotel in case anything went wrong! As it happens, everything was ok.
As you can see from these donations and the extraordinary personal donations sent by users (a full record of which is online here), there is ample support for the site to continue growing. Not only are the expenses covered, but there is contingency to add more hardware or respond quickly to future demands.

Thank you again to all of the DXers and associations who have made this possible. I am incredibly grateful for the support shown to Club Log.

73, Michael G7VJR
Creator of Club Log

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