Yasme Foundation grant to Club Log

I’m very happy to announce that the Yasme Foundation has awarded Club Log a grant of $4,000! This grant is for a very significant amount and is intended for a specific purpose, which I will explain.

Club Log is built to be run on a frugal platform using just one server, and part of the fun and games has been making the software fit into limited resources. Keeping up with the enthusiasm of expeditions and DXers for the site, while still keeping it free, has been a very nice technical challenge. This one server, by the way, was funded by donations including a generous grant in 2011 by the Yasme Foundation.

However, Club Log doubled in size again this year. There have occasional issues where I’ve had to reboot the system, or take it off line for fixes or repairs. These glitches take longer to sort out as the size of the database increases. These moments of disruption have, fortunately, never landed in the middle of a big expedition, but they are unwelcome breakdowns in this era of real-time logging.  They also make me anxious because many PayPal transactions for QSL Requests (OQRS) must never, ever be lost. What if I lose a few hours of data for some reason? This is not ok!

All of these risks can be avoided if I have a backup server: somewhere to keep a replica of Club Log that is ready to take the load if something goes badly wrong with the main site. And, maybe, somewhere to run some secondary tasks to accelerate the site when everything is ok. And that is where Yasme’s grant – combined with a terrific level of support from a great many Club Log users – means I can now spend some money and make it happen, by buying a second server.

Here is the message I received from Rusty, W6OAT today:

“Club Log represents a unique innovation that has quickly become established in the culture of our hobby. By providing free access to features such as leagues, online QSL requests and expedition management tools, Club Log has expanded the state of the art of DXing and has grown quickly as a result. The Foundation’s grant to Club Log gives the team the means to install backup servers and keep this precious resource online for everyone to enjoy into the future. We look forward to seeing more innovations from the Club Log team.”

Rusty, W6OAT, the Yasme Foundation

Thanks, Rusty!

In early 2013 I will commission a new Club Log server (this time with more memory and even more solid state hard drives). This will become the new primary server, which will take all the load of Club Log on a day-to-day basis. There will be a noticeable speed increase from that. I’ll then move the old server into use as a backup server, with both of the systems connected through a load balancer.

Knowing that Club Log is not depending on a single server which could fail when I am traveling, leaving the site broken for weeks, is a big improvement.

I want to say thank you again to the Yasme Foundation for putting forward such an exceptional grant to Club Log. I am extremely grateful for this, and the support shown by other foundations and – of course – to the many generous users of the system who have given so much support to Club Log. It’s great fun building and improving the site for everyone to use, and you make it possible with your donations for which I am humbly grateful.

Have a great Christmas and may 2013 bring you many new ones!

vy 73

Michael G7VJR

Creator of Club Log

PS. I will be at Friedrichshafen in 2013 to speak about Club Log – hopefully with the whole team (Alan 5B4AHJ, Marios 5B4WN and Dimitri SV2YC). Looking forward to seeing many EU DXers there!

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