QSO number 500 million

I’m thrilled to report to you that the half-billion mark has been passed, on 28 May 2018!

The 500 millionth QSO was uploaded by W4PG, who uploaded a QSO with ZL1BQD on 17m (FT8). Congratulations in equal parts to Robert, W4PG and Roly, ZL1BQD.

Here are the milestones I’ve recorded:

  • October 2009: 10 million QSOs
  • February 2010: 20 million QSOs
  • August 2010: 30 million QSOs
  • September 2012: 100 million QSOs
  • June 2013: 170 million QSOs
  • June 2015: 300 million QSOs
  • May 2018: 500 million QSOs

A very special thank you to everyone who has uploaded a log; every single upload has helped make Club Log’s records more representative, especially when it comes to analysing trends and the most-wanted lists.

A thousand thanks…, no, a million – no, half-a-billion thanks! 😉

73, Michael G7VJR

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