Using Log Matching to spot problems

Club Log uses matching – a system of pairing two QSOs – where both callsigns are in Club Log. The strength of this feature is that it provides a sure confirmation of a QSO, and this match is acceptable for credit in various awards such as IOTA, WIA, DARC and others (but not DXCC).

Matching rates for QSOs depend on both callsigns actively using Club Log, so the rate cannot be 100%. Additionally, logging discrepancies such as non-trivial time differences, modes or callsigns not matching will result in no match. Overall, the log matching profile for active logs over the past 12 months (but excluding the last 30 days as uploads might not have happened yet) looks like this:

We can see that this is basically a normal distribution. It’s not important what the absolute figures are, but to focus on the shape of the distribution and recognise that some logs have very poor log matching rates. To find out why this might be, there is now an alert inside Club Log if your log is in the bottom section of the distribution. Some reasons might include uploading QSOs to the wrong callsign, or using Club Log for SWL records, but I hope to find out more. Drop me a note if you see an alert!

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